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obakeneko seznameniOct 03, 2016 · A bakeneko has two forms—that of a typical cat and a humanoid. 1. Their cat form has the same dimensions and appearance of natural cats. 2. A bakeneko’s humanoid form will resemble a typical human, homin, elf or amazoness. Occasionally it will retain a cat attribute which causes him or her to be discovered, usually a tail.

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Bakeneko. A telltale sign that a cat may be close to becoming a bakeneko is believed to be an exceptionally long tail. This superstition led to the custom of bobbing a cat’s tail at an early age to prevent it from growing supernaturally long and transforming into a yokai.

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A Bakeneko is a Cat that's grown old and slowly turned into a Youkai. They're known to shapeshift into or possess humans and other cats, and are fond of wrapping towels around their heads, dancing, and speaking human languages. The Bakeneko is frequently confused with the Nekomata, another cat Youkai that has a split tail.

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Nekomata. According to Japanese folklore, a cat (neko) that has lived for a long time can become a kind of youkai called a nekomata ( 猫叉 ). It was believed that after a cat reached ten years of age, its tail would slowly split into two tails, and, along the way, it would develop magic powers, primarily those of necromancy and shamanism.

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obakeneko seznameniManga is the Japanese equivalent of comics with a unique style and following. Join the revolution! Read some manga today! Coded in ConTEXT Join #baka-updates

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The bakeneko is a type of Japanese yōkai, or supernatural creature. According to its name, it is a cat that has changed into a yōkai. It is often confused with the nekomata, another cat-like yōkai, and the distinction between the two can often be quite ambiguous, but the largest difference is that the Nekomata has two tails, while the Bakeneko has only one. There are legends of bakeneko in various parts of Japan, but the tale of the Nabeshima Bakeneko Disturbance in Saga Prefecture is